Friday 29 January 2016

Thanks to Don EI6IL for recording and sending me my QSO on 20m with K5P.......

Saturday 7 September 2013


Having a quick look at the moon this morning and decoded some of the stations calling 3B9EME nothing seen here unfortunately but great to see the excitement caused by the dxpedition best of luck to all involved. :-)

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Wexford VHF Group: VHF NFD 2013

Wexford VHF Group: VHF NFD 2013: VHF NFD was a truly classic year for the Wexford VHF group. Superb WX and DX combined to give is a fantastic weekend. The Team from L...

Saturday 5 May 2012

4 Meter Meteor Scatter World Record

Today was without doubt my best radio day ever. I had set the alarm for 0545 Local time with the intention of rising early and catching the peak of the May Aquarids shower. I rolled over a few times hit the snooze button once or twice then decided what the hell I'll give it a go. I'm glad I did :-) Using  DL1DBC's meteor prediction software which is an excellent aid I knew I had 3 - 4 hours of good conditions. Also armed with the news from OZ2M's DX Pedition news that Janne OH5LID was kitted up and working portable from KP32XA a possible distance record could at least be attempted. 

A cup of Tea was acquired and the shack was powered up to find Janne already QRV.  At 0519 UTC Janne and Richard G3SHK who already held the record at 2152 km broke it and increased it by 20km to 2172 km amazing stuff. I waited my turn started WSJT FSK441 and sat back, 40 mins although Janne had received 4 bursts from me no joy QSO not complete another failed attempt. Janne then worked a few stations and it was then Graham G8HVY who held 2nd place in the standings who increased his distance to 2159 km. It was while monitoring this QSO and ON4KHG QSO with Janne I started to get some pings and good decodes from OH5LID I informed Janne of this when he had finished his QSO with ON4KHG and he sent me back one word on ON4KST chat " RUN". So the hunt was on again, just under an hour later (58 Mins) I received his RRRR LID RRRR LID. The QSO was complete!  There were no exceptional bursts but one a 4 sec burst, but the rest though weak were decode-able.   

OH5LID KP32XA - EI8IQ IO62SF 2314km. New 4M MS World Record.

I couldn't believe it.  
How long it stands doesn't matter records are for breaking.
Thanks to Janne OH5LID for his patience and his DXPeditions and also to Billy EI7FJ and Mick EI6GF without their help and assistance my station wouldn't be in existence. 

I'm a lucky man I got out of bed this Morning. 



Tuesday 24 April 2012


My first ever AARL award arrived today . Basic worked all states . Pats a happy man all states confirmed through LOTW qso s

Thursday 18 August 2011


Some Cards in already from the trip to IO42SD Perseids shower last week will get around to posting a report soon. Still typing up log soon to be uploaded LOTW....73